A picture of the two founders Victoria Granget and Linn Legros sitting next to each other in front of a book shelve, holding a macbook and smiling
Our Mission

Brightside Studio wants to contribute to a better digital future for businesses and consumers alike.

Our Values

How we live life at brightside.
"Whatever it is, it can be done with a smile."

Look on the brightside 🌈

We’re all about positive energy and positive people, so much so that we called our studio brightside.

Dream big 💭

We pursue our dreams passionately and set big goals for ourselves.

Keep it real 🦄

We seek to act with courage, remain authentic, and choose to work with people that share our values.

Stay Committed 💍

We work hard to deliver the highest possible quality of service, no matter how big or small the challenge is.

Learn daily 🌱

We make a good lesson out of a bad day, tolerate mistakes and celebrate progress wildly!

Our Culture

We’re a bold and unstoppable team.

Brightside Studio values learning and care about our people deeply. We want them to grow and succeed, both personally and professionally. By investing in our people, we build a culture of excellence, and a company that everyone enjoys working at each day.

Isra one of the team members standing in front of a whiteboard with lots of notes and explaining the content.
Three people of the team standing around a workspace and brainstorming about possible ideas and strategies.
Two of the team members standing arm in arm in a huge conference room during a design conference in brussel.
The two founders Vica and Linn sitting on a couch in casual outfits and smiling.
Vica one of the two founders staying in front of the whiteboard and mapping out the user journey for a client.
The entire brightside team standing arm in arm wearing their own merge and smiling.
Two of the team sitting in a rowing boat, laughing and having fun.
Three members of the team staying in front of a lake, watching to the horizon and enjoying the sunset.