Deepen customer interaction while saving the team precious time.

Cover image of the project Insel Berlin wich shows several interface elements from the website by brightside Studio from Berlin

The Challenge

Due to the lack of information on their current website and a clear absence of any digital automation, Insel Berlin’s small team was spending most of their time answering frustrated calls from customers, demanding clarity on opening hours, availablilities and details on their spaces for rent. The experience on Insel Berlin’s website had to be drastically improved.

We had to enter each room’s availability manually on the website, a lengthy and error-prone process...
André S. - Founder & CEO

Our Solutions

Insel Berlin’s website was completely remodeled around their customers' need for clarity and accessibility. We introduced smart functionalities to optimise the team’s productivity and redefined the Island’s visual identity in the process.

A completely individual concept was created for our project, holding successful solutions to each of our customers’ past issues.
André S. - Founder & CEO

Digital Automation

We helped the client automate its weather-dependent operations easily in the website’s CMS, we synchronised the website’s calendar with that of the team and added the option to enter opening hours in advance. This content management system provides flexible and fast editing options to ensures information is always up-to-date.

We have been able to achieve better positioning in search engines. Guests of the house have praised the clarity of the event calendar. The improved presentation of the rental options has helped us to attract additional customers. Ultimately, all measures have led to both a reduction in workload and an increase in profit.
André S. - Founder & CEO

Keen to talk?

We’ll connect you with Linn, our co-founder and UI expert. Along her decade of experience, she has led and successfully carried out a large number of digital projects.

Linn Legros