Transforming a contract manufacturer's digital identity.

Cover image of the project Kämpfe Elektronik wich shows several interface elements from the website by brightside Studio from Berlin

The Challenge

To attract new clients from leading industries, Kämpfe Elektronik, an electronic manufacturer based outside of Berlin asked us to cement its brand image, market positioning, and develop a solid UX/UI strategy for its website relaunch.

The brightside team was contracted to develop and implement our new brand as part of a complete repositioning of Kämpfe Elektronik.
Anton G. - CEO

Our Solutions

Insel Berlin’s website was completely remodeled around their customers' need for clarity and accessibility. We introduced smart functionalities to optimise the team’s productivity and redefined the Island’s visual identity in the process.

We were delivered a complete branding kit, clever UX concept and fresh website interface within six weeks.
Anton G. - CEO

The results

The process led the team at Kämpfe Elektronik to better understand how to communicate their brand both inside and out. The result was not only one of image, but a true learning experience for the client to further put in practice with coherence and confidence.

We've gained several new A-list clients since the project, confirming in reviews that our fresh and authentic external image played a role in their decision to partner with us. It has allowed us to accelerate the transformation of our sales over the last 12 months.
Anton G. - CEO

Keen to talk?

We’ll connect you with Linn, our co-founder and UI expert. Along her decade of experience, she has led and successfully carried out a large number of digital projects.

Linn Legros