DAAd - German Academic Exchange Service

Building an impactful tool for international students wishing to study in Germany.

The Challenge

The DAAD asked us to take care of the UX/UI part of My GUIDE, a free platform for young people around the world who want to study in Germany. Functions should include a comprehensive dashboard, a scholarship and qualification checker, direct contact with universities, and further tools to organise studies, visa, accommodation and various formalities in Germany. The challenge was to turn a complex and technical product into a fun and usable tool for its users. The project required us to develop a scalable brand for an ever-growing product.

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Esther K. - Leiterin des Referats Informationen zum Studium in Deutschland

Our Solutions

We helped the client design a top-shelf digital product, resulting from a close and agile relationship with the DAAD team and their external technical partner. Its thoughtful UI concept made the complexity of the tool appear easy and playful for users, guiding them simply through its many functions. A comprehensive UI kit, which is modularly build of different components, makes it possible to continually scale the elaborate product.

Our Process

Our methodic approach and regular UX workshops with the client helped us deeper understand the target group and their needs. Prototyping helps us visualise and test solutions, which contributes to the optimisation of the user experience along the project. For a successful result, it is essential for us to work closely with the developer teams from day one.
Overview of different elements from the side of the qualification checker - by brightside Studio Berlin

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Esther K. - Leiterin des Referats Informationen zum Studium in Deutschland

A growing project

My GUIDE’s objective is to continue to serve students globally as their needs grow - therefore, the tool constantly evolves and improves over time. Functionalities are added gradually and user flows are optimised to make My GUIDE the perfect tool for students looking to come study in Germany.
Case My GUIDE vom DAAD - Übersicht verschiedener Elemente von Seite der Hochschulzugangsberechtigung
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