An Illustration showing the way from having an urgent update for the website, until it actually happens. It is supposed to convey that it takes a lot of time and money.

It’s a new era
for marketing websites.

The proven method of brightside studio helps teams keep their website systematically up-to-date and pixel-perfect by expert standards with no additional costs.

Our Method

The 5-step solution for modern teams

1. Analysing your current situation

We audit your website to find out where you currently stand: your offering, content, users. We identify the gaps and define a strategy.

2. Solving issues for your users

We work on more user-friendly solutions for your website, testing and improving its overall experience for your user’s satisfaction.

3. Expanding your visual language

Whether you already have a visual language or need a refresh, we make sure it is consistent, complete and most importantly, well documented.

4. Building your website in Webflow

We bring your visual language to life in Webflow, deliver you a fully-functional website with an ultra simple CMS for your team to manage.

5. Supporting your marketing team

We deliver a website that you can freely edit and scale yourself, without our intervention, and accompanied by video material to support your marketing team.

Picture of two team members of brightside Studio from Berlin. They are looking at a laptop and seem to be really focussed.

Great websites are our standard.

A great website is not only a nice page to “wow” potential clients, it’s mostly a useful marketing tool for businesses. Our method has been applied so many times, we’re fully confident of it’s power to overcome our clients’ inner-limits.

Questions and answers

Do you also write the texts and take photos for our websites?
Yes, although copywriter and photographer services are not included in our fee, if your project requires it, we can take care of it at a cost.
Do you also develop websites with other website builders like Contentful or WordPress?
No, we use Webflow exclusively as it is the best tool on the market today that allows our clients to save time and money.
How difficult is it for my marketing team to maintain the contents of my website after delivery?
It’s very easy. Webflow lets you add and edit right on your live website, and publish with a click. Our team also provides support.
If I only need strategy and design services, but no development, can I still get in touch with brightside Studio?
Under certain conditions, we can provide UX/UI services only. Let’s talk!
Is the free consultation binding? And how long does it go for?
No, the free consultation is not binding, and it should take around 90min of your time.
After delivery of our new website, can we still request some changes?
Everything should have been covered in the audit phase, but should it happen, yes, we can still make updates at a cost.