What We Do


Building something of value for your customers is hard. To succeed, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of their problems and a master plan to solve them. Our team helps you define and use the right strategy for your digital project, elevating your odds of success.


Market Positioning

What is market positioning?

The positioning of your company or your brand on the market is a fundamental step in the development of a strategy. It defines how you’re perceived in the market by your consumers and in relation to your competition, but also where you want to be in the future.

Why is it important?

The right positioning will influence your decision-making at every level. In terms of product, it guides the consistency and impact of your choices. It will also enable you to set clear goals and a plan to meet them.


UX Research

What is user experience research?

User experience research is a methodic study of your target users, their behaviours and needs. This deep dive allows us to understand how they interact with a product and understand the issues they face. UX research includes usability studies, user interviews and focus groups.

Why is it important?

With UX research, we shift our perspective, uncover your users' problems and motivations, and translate them into opportunities for improvement. This process reveals valuable information which will later guide our design process.


User Testing

What is user testing?

User testing means we’ll test prototypes and ideas early and directly with your users. This feedback offers valuable insight on how to answer your customers' needs, and adjust our strategy further.

Why is it important?

User testing allows us to anticipate mistakes before going too far in the design process. This way, the project becomes more time and cost-efficient and increases certainty for the next steps.


Keen to talk?

We’ll connect you with Victoria, our co-founder and lead UX expert. Her 15 years of experience working in digital projects makes her the perfect sparring partner for your team.

Victoria Granget