What We Do

Web Design

Web design is much more than a nice interface. It requires emotional, analytical and technical skills. At brightside Studio, we have the right expertise to guide you through the complexity of the UX/UI design process towards an outstanding website.


User Experience

What is user experience?

User experience (UX) refers to the quality of experience a user has when interacting with a web design, mobile application, or SaaS. It seeks to optimise and improve the users’ search for information, fully meeting their individual usability needs.

Why is it important?

UX Design is a core part of your digital product’s development. It goes without saying that satisfied users will most likely become loyal converted users, and without good UX they can be left frustrated and bitter about your product.


User Interface

What is user interface?

User interface (UI) refers to the visual look of a web design and its different functionalities. The design process blends creativity with technical skills in order to organise information on multiple devices and adapt the content to this specific medium, the web.

Why is it important?

If your customer has a nice time browsing your website, it will reflect on his perception of your brand. We make sure your website looks good and performs well on every device, converting each visitor into a loyal customer.


UI Kits

What is a UI Kit?

A UI Kit is a library where all interface elements are meticulously documented. They serve as guidelines for visual consistency, and its modular structure allows anyone to build and publish additional sections.

Why is it important?

This documentation is essential when building your web design in Webflow. It will be the base of it’s construction as well as the toolbox for your marketing team to freely update and scale your website without our intervention.

Ready to take the reins?

Book a free web design consultation with our expert Linn, and learn how your marketing team can leverage the full power of a beautiful and highly usable website built in Webflow.

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Linn Legros