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Brand Strategy

You want to offer your customers a better experience on your website, but it’s hard to grasp its full extend, and where to begin. At brightside Studio, we know exactly how to get you started with brand strategy planning.


Market Positioning

What is market positioning?

The positioning of your company or brand on the market is an essential step when it comes to your brand strategy. It defines how you’re perceived by customers, where you stand vis-a-vis your competition, and what makes your business unique.

Why is it important?

Your market positioning will influence your communication at every level, in terms of web marketing, it guides the consistency, visual alignment, and impact of your business decisions. Market positioning is your North Star, if you'd like.


User Journey Mapping

What is user journey mapping?

A user journey map is a UX tool that consists of visually mapping the different steps, goals and emotions your users are currently experiencing when navigating your website or digital product from start to finish.

Why is it important?

It helps all teams involved understand your users objectively and identify main points of friction. We also use it to prioritise and focus our work, so that users reach their specific goal on your website faster and easier.


Website Usability Testing

What is website usability testing?

It’s the exercise of testing a website directly with users while observing their behaviour or getting instant feedback on their experience.

Why is it important?

Website usability testing is a great way to understand user’s needs away from our unconscious bias and unilateral perspective.

Ready to take the reins?

Book a free web design consultation with our expert Linn, and learn how your marketing team can leverage the full power of a beautiful and highly usable website built in Webflow.

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