What makes us special?

We’re as deeply committed as big agencies to our client’s business, their results, their success. We’re as dynamic and flexible as freelancers, but can accommodate more capacity.We’re the best of both worlds.

Why choose us

You need a team that’s fast and flexible.

We’re entirely focused on that, because we understand the need for flexibility, frequent veering and quick decision-making.

Your goals become ours

We’re all-in, commited to our client’s achievement as their strive to serve their customers best.

We’re thorough specialists

We know how to shape amitious ideas into clean and functional products that your users will love.

Fast and efficient workflows

Open communication, flexible timelines, clear project plans and a team you can trust.

Tools optimised for speed

We design in collaborative tools and build super performant websites easily editable with Webflow.

Picture of two team members of brightside Studio from Berlin
User-centric Process

Every project and its goals are individual.

Our workflow consists of several steps, sometimes repeated in loops, in which the focus is always the user of the product or service being designed. We test and iterate on ideas until we’re sure that the solution is clearly understood by them.

You will be involved through every step of our process. We don’t deliver work that isn’t meeting our highest standards of quality or our client’s maximal satisfaction.
The brightside Team